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My husband was playing Fallout: New Vegas a few weeks back and asked me to look something up for him. In the game, there is a park with large dinosaurs that reminded him of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. So he wondered if that part of the movie was in Vegas. It wasn’t, but the time spent on Wikipedia led me to new knowledge. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was Tim Burton’s first feature length film. Now, in hindsight, it totally makes sense as a Tim Burton film. His stuff has a certain flavor to it that was definitely not missing in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. But I’d never realized before that it was one of his.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I mentioned this knowledge to my brother. He was also surprised by the information. And by the subsequent information that Paul Reubens had a cameo in one of the Batman movies that Burton directed. This led to a discussion of the way Tim Burton seems to put the same people in his movies. And then we looked it up.

Tim Burton has directed 14 feature length films. Johnny Depp has been in 7 of them. I hypothesize that he would have been in 8, but he was working on Pirates of the Caribbean when Burton was doing Big Fish (and the windfall goes to Ewen MacGregor). Helena Bonham-Carter has been in 6 Tim Burton films.

All of this proves two things. One, it’s good to be friends with Tim Burton. And two, weird things interest me and spur me to research. This information will never be useful to me (I suspect), but yet, I spent at least a half hour browsing IMDB and discussing it all with my brother.


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