Crossing It Off the List   Leave a comment

5. Own my own home.

My lifetime to-do list includes one less item. Shortly before my boy was born (very shortly), we moved into our own home. It was a nightmare of paperwork to get into the place. And since then, we’ve found gazillion little things wrong with the place that we hadn’t noticed. And it’s really scary to know that if any major repairs need to be done, we’ll be responsible for it. But I own my own home. And in seven years, it’ll be completely paid off. Then we can sell it and use the money as a downpayment on a nicer place. I’m hoping for something with a basement. Tornado shelters are very interesting places, but I’d prefer to weather a storm in my own space.

And I need to remember to put $10 in a savings account for the this one.

Anybody out there have a list? What things have you crossed off lately?


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