WLW: Someone Said I Look Thinner   Leave a comment

Something weird happened this week. Someone said I looked thinner. This was weird because:

  • I have not been working out.
  • I have not been watching my diet.
  • They see me every week.

My current theory is that my new haircut  makes me look thinner. I know I feel like it makes me look younger. And it certainly makes me feel less like I’m in danger of heat stroke when I’m out side.

Another possibility is that we have been outside a lot this summer, so maybe I’ve sweated it off. Especially since I’ve been trying to monitor my water and make sure I”m drinking enough.

Whatever the cause, having someone tell me I look thinner, makes me want to start putting in the work to be thinner. At the doctor’s office the other day, I was back up to 195, which isn’t horrible, considering I haven’t worked out in over a year. But it’s not great either. And I told myself I was going to break the 190 line and never cross it again.

So I think it’s time to start running this week.


Posted August 10, 2011 by Maidenfine in Randomness, Weight Loss Wednesday

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