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The year that Elisebeth was born marked a turning point for me in the birthday category. We were thoroughly entrenched in CHAOS, and my daughter was born 10 days before my birthday. Since we couldn’t have people over, we were running all over the place to visit family so everyone could see the new baby. By the time my birthday came around, all I wanted was to sit, all day, and not have to talk to anyone. That’s what I asked for and that’s what I got that year. And the next. I didn’t actually celebrate my birthday again until last year, which was a big one, since I hit a new decade.

In the midst of my anti-other people birthday situation, I decided that I still wanted certain things to happen on my birthday. I still wanted to be recognized, and I still wanted to feel loved, and important to those around me. So, even though I didn’t want to be eating cake and ice cream or getting together with other people, I still wanted to hear from people. This became my list of requirements for a good birthday:

1. Happy Birthday from both of my parents.

2. Happy Birthday from one of my siblings.

3. Happy Birthday from any other family member.

The first year with this list, I barely squeaked by with an acceptable birthday. The year after that was about the same. Last year, I actually had a party, and while it turned out nothing like I envisioned, it was good. This year, blew them all away.

1. My mother and father both texted me a Happy Birthday.

2. My sister and one of my brothers texted me a Happy Birthday. One of the other brothers had a long argument with his fiancee about when my birthday actually was and he told me Happy Birthday a day late, because he was on the wrong side of the argument.

3. My grandmother called to tell me Happy Birthday and ask what I wanted.

4. BONUS POINTS: My mother-in-law called and sang me Happy Birthday.

5. MORE BONUS POINTS: My pastor called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Which is totally going to make it onto the list I’m working on of 10 things I love about my pastor.

And that list doesn’t include Facebook (which has revolutionized and trivialized the Happy Birthday), or any gifts.

I also had a myriad of birthday coupons in my email, so I ran around all day getting free stuff before retiring back home for a chick flick (that no one actually watched) and Chinese food with a record number of females that I enjoy being around. It may not be the traditional idea of what a great birthday is, but it all made me incredibly happy.


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