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As promised, I have finally finished my first Song Study. This is the first bible study of any kind that I’ve written, so be gentle. But any comments and suggestions are welcome. I try to improve myself every day and that doesn’t change for this. So if there’s something that doesn’t work, let me know.

On the flip-side, if there’s something you love about it, also let me know that. Positive feedback always makes people feel good. Plus, I’d hate to change something that everyone loves.

The song I chose is Strong Enough by Matthew West. You can find it on iTunes* and Amazon MP3. I almost didn’t pick this one because I don’t have a link to anywhere you can (legally) get it free. But doesn’t have any music by Matthew West, so even though most of my music comes from there, you can’t get this one.You can, however, watch the video over and over for free on YouTube.

I wanted to do this song first for several reasons. First, the verses were easy for me to find. Some songs, I know there’s a verse to go with it, but I haven’t found it yet. Second, I feel like this song has been instrumental to me finally getting one of thse done. I really feel as though I’m not prepared to be doing this. But I don’t need to be. And this song has helped me to push beyond just knowing it in my mind, to knowing it in my heart. Without this song, I quite possibly would not have ever done this.

You can get the PDF file here.

* I have no idea how to get a link to something on iTunes. It’s on there and easy to find in a search. If you’re not particular about getting things from iTunes, though, it’s cheaper on Amazon.

$ The Amazon link is my referral link. If you are opposed to using it, you can search “Matthew West Strong Enough” after going to Amazon directly.


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