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After losing most of this post to the random resets of my phone, it took a while to have the motivation to get back to it. But we’re running out of Pastor Appreciation Month for me to get it done in. So here we go.

My church got a new pastor in June or July, and I have to say, there is plenty that I love about him. On with the list.

1. Missionary: Our pastor and his wife were missionaries in Russia and Europe for the last 20 years. This gives them a unique perspective on everything we do. It also means that they have practical ideas for our church’s missions. Because they’ve done it, they know how simple it can be, and they pass that ease on to us.

2. Stage Fright: Yes, our pastor suffers from stage fright. His hands shake and his mouth gets dry and sometimes he loses his voice and has to pause. Which might sound like a bad thing, but it’s something I love about him. He could never be a pastor on his own power. But the fact that he gets up in front of the congregation every Sunday and teaches us something new is a testament to the power of God. He always makes it through.

3. Dyslexia: Along the same lines as the stage fright, our pastor is dyslexic. And I find it empowering to know that dyslexia hasn’t stopped him from earning several degrees, and doesn’t keep him from reading the Bible, along with multiple commentaries and devotionals. If he can do it, all us normal people don’t have much excuse.

4. Passion: Pastors are supposed to be passionate. I understand that.  But his passion feels different. Many pastors, when they get passionate about their sermon, they get loud. The start to maybe yell a little. But not our pastor. When he gets passionate about the Word of God, he gets quiet. And you can hear the tears in his voice. He gets all choked up about God and it’s something I appreciate in him. There are so many things that God has done for me that get me all choked up. It’s gratifying to know that I’m not the only one.

5. His wife: Pastors rarely come on their own. They always bring a second person. Their wife. And no matter how much you love a pastor, if their wife rubs you the wrong way, he won’t stick around long. Luckily, this isn’t so with our current pastor. His wife is the sweetest, most good-natured person I’ve met. She is so incredibly supportive of him. And she’s very friendly with everyone else. I admire her as a role model for other wives in the church (especially since I sometimes struggle in the being supportive category).


I’m pretty sure my original list was up to six before I lost it, and I hadn’t gotten to his wife yet. But for me, once things are written down, they are erased from my head in order to free up room. So I can’t remember what the others were.

If this list makes you curious and you live in the Topeka area, please come visit our church.

Seaman Baptist Church

2015 NW Buchanan

Topeka, KS

Sunday school starts at 9:30 Sunday morning. Worship starts at 10:45.


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