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FireworksNo longer will visitors to see a “Coming Soon” message from GoDaddy. I have figured out how to get a website put up there. So now, they’ll see something fairly similar to what we have here. And that means that I’m done with all the absolutely basic “Putting it up” stuff. My well-trusted friend told me my site is plain, so there’s plenty of tweaking that can be done. But it’s there. And that’s way more than half the battle. And that means that now, I can present to you this week’s goals.

1. Type up the half-dozen blog posts I’ve handwritten and get them scheduled.

2. Write at least 3 more posts for the days after the ones I’ve already written.

3. Finish reading the book I’m supposed to review (last November).

4. Bask in a job well done, since this may be my only chance to bask for a while. Now that the “setting up” is done, that means the “consistent writing” work will begin.



Posted January 24, 2012 by Maidenfine in Reading, Website, Writing

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