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This is going to be quick, since I still have tons to do so that I can start getting real posts up here. But I just entered a giveaway that had a rafflecopter dealie where you got entries by Liking different blogs on Facebook. Now I have seen these on multiple giveaways. Usually the first entry is a comment regarding what’s being given away, then there are extra entries for liking the Blogger’s Facebook page and the company’s page that’s providing the giveaway. And then sometimes there are extra entries for tweeting about it or posting on Facebook or your blog about it. So, 6 entries or so, per person, possible.

This one was hosted by multiple blogs and I am not exaggerating when I say that there were at least 30 different blogs to Like on Facebook. And you got an extra 25 entries if you Liked them all. Which I did, because I wanted the prize. But you know what, in a couple weeks when that drawing is over, I’m going to go back through my Likes on Facebook and get rid of most of those. And frankly, by the end of it, I was tempted to go back and unlike them all immediately and forfeit my entries into the giveaway. Because it annoyed me.

And when you think about it, even if every one of those blogs got 50 new Likes because of that giveaway, how many of those Likes do you think are legitimate? And sure, most people won’t go through the trouble of weeding through their Likes to get rid of them, but honestly, I’m annoyed at every single last one of those bloggers. So I’m going to. And even if I don’t, my Like isn’t legitimate. It’s a lie that I clicked just to try to win a prize.

So I promise, right here, right now, that I will never participate in something like that. I want to earn every last Like that I get. And I never want someone who participates in a giveaway on my site to be annoyed or irritated by the time they’re done.

If I one day decide to give entries for something other than comments (which I haven’t done so far), I will go the small route. A Like for me, a Like for the company, and maybe a tweet or Facebook post. I will never encourage people to mass-Like other blogs, companies, products, or anything.

That is my promise to you, my reader.


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