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At midnight this morning, I could have begun writing. I didn’t remember that today was June 1st until about 10:30, though. So that’s when I started making my writing preparations. What are those preparations, you ask?

1. I had to adjust the NaNoWriMo Report Card spreadsheet that someone else made, so that it had the right dates in it for this month.

2. I had to reread the beginning of my novel, so that I remember what the heck I wrote last November and can pick up where I left off.  I wrote just shy of 6,000 words on an alien novel in November. I plan to add another 50,000 words to it this month. But I haven’t really read the whole thing since November.

3. I had to create a blank document for containing this month’s writing. I could just continue in the other file, but it’s easier to figure out my word count when I don’t have to do math.

And, for your reading pleasure, here’s another 500-ish words from said novel.

“Some guy is here to pick you up,” her brother said as they re-entered the house. “He said he is a friend of Tom, I guess. I have never seen him before. Must be from across town or something.”

Moriah shrugged and wondered if her father and brother had already grilled the poor kid. Jenny should have known better and sent a girl to pick her up.

“Jenny seems to think parties are about quantity, not quality. I am sure I won’t know half of the people there.” She looked at her mother’s frowning face and smiled. “Do not worry so much, Mom. I promise not to drink anything that you wouldn’t serve me, watch anything you wouldn’t show me or talk to anyone you would lock your door if you saw across the street.” Her mother did not look completely reassured, but she did let her head to the front door where the unknown boy waited. As soon as he looked her way, Moriah froze.

“Hey,” he said, completely unaware of her reaction to him. “I am Jeff. Tom and I used to go to school together back in the day.” He looked at her, then looked at each of her parents in turn, seeming to be slightly confused by something. She wasn’t sure what could confuse him, but she knew what was shocking the heck out of her. In her entire life, she’d never met anyone with an eye color like hers. Until that very moment. It made her wonder if somehow her wish really would come true this year. Maybe this boy would be the key to finding her birth mother. When her brother nudged her, she shook her head.

“Uh. Sorry. I’m Moriah, the birthday girl. I am guessing you already met my dad and brother, so since you’re still alive, I guess you passed their test and we can go.” She walked toward the door with the strange boy- Jeff- and tried to keep her breathing even so as not to give away the thrill of excitement that she felt at their meeting. As she passed him, he leaned close to speak to her quietly.

“Your glamour is excellent. You’ll have to tell me later how you ended up with this family.” She looked at him, her brows wrinkled and wished she knew what he was talking about. But whatever it was, it gave her hope that he could be the key to finding her birth parents. He knew something and she wanted to know whatever it was. No, she needed to know whatever it was.

“See you guys later,” she called over her shoulder. “I love you.”


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