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Where did the week go? I’m slow getting started this week since we had to go to Kansas City for Nathan’s tests on Monday, then there were several appointments yesterday. And today was our Parents As Teachers home visit and our first Picnic with the Prince of Peace (which I will talk about in another post, but it was good). So basically, I’ve been very busy. But I’m here with a Weight Loss Wednesday update.

Yesterday, I actually drank my goal of 64 oz of water. I used to do this regularly, but my soda addiction really screwed with the habit. So far, starting by moving to clear sodas has made giving up soda much easier. I actually found that the carbonated waters are too carbonated, so I didn’t drink them much. So I have a 2-liter of lemon-lime in the fridge that I’ve been working on for over a week, and I’ve been drinking a lot of water. After 7 days in a row of 64 oz, I’ll up my goal to 96 oz.

In the last week, I’ve done a lot of sweating, though not really in workouts. Our AC is currently out of commission and until we get it fixed, we’re sweating out the days. I don’t know if that will affect my weight loss attempts, but I don’t think it’ll hurt. And on to the numbers.

Chest = 45″ No change in this, and honestly, I don’t expect any.

Waist =  43″  43.5” My pants are still baggier, so I’m not worried about this. Plus, there’s always just the difference of time of day when I measure.

Hips = 50.5″  49” I’m not sure what I did to lose this, since the hips are a hard spot to lose in. But I’ll take it.

Thighs = 27″ and 27″  No change. But I also didn’t walk on Monday because of our trip to Kansas City, and last Thursday we walked at the mall, so it was a slower pace for a longer time, rather than our normal walk.

Biceps = 13.5″ and 14″ No change in this. I may have reached the maximum effect that I can get from baby benchpresses (he’s 25 lbs now!) and pushing a huge stroller while I’m walking.

Once again, I didn’t have time to weigh in. I may have to break down and buy a scale so that I don’t have to get the Wii involved in weighing myself. But I worry that if I did that, I’d weigh myself all the time and that’s never good.

Next week, I promise a picture of me, so I have something to use as a visual tracker.


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