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I finally got around to weighing myself again. To say it was disappointing is about as accurate as I can get. And the thing with the Wii, is that it always shows you on this line where you’re at. Which is great if you’re into visual stuff like that. But when you’re struggling hard to stay motivated and the new line is higher than the old line and that stupid little high-pitched voice chimes in with “That’s obese!” it’s really hard not to cry. Because I was feeling positive before that. And now I’m less positive.

But while we’re on the topic of being positive, let’s talk about positive things. I’m two days into the Couch to 5k , and while my feet were dragging after day one, I moved on to day two. And the pattern continued that I saw in my previous attempts at this. Day two is way easier. And tomorrow, even though I’m a little down about the weight thing, I’ll do day three. And it’ll be even easier.

I think next week I’ll buy a scale. So that even if I have to look at the number going the wrong way, at least I won’t have to hear that stupid little voice pointing it out.

As promised, there are pictures of me today. First, one from the front, where I look deceptively smaller than I really am (especially once you take into account the ten pounds added by the camera). Second, from the side, where you can really see where my problem spots are.

And now, the numbers.

Weight = 216 lbs. After the changes in my size, I was really hoping for a smaller number, rather than a bigger one. I’d braced myself for a difference that was small, but instead it was in the wrong direction. I understand the whole “muscle weighs more that fat” thing, but it’s still hard to swallow.

Chest = 45″  44″ I am tempted to write this off as a difference in bras, but I actually think I’ve been wearing the same bra every time, so I don’t know how this happened. It was certainly the last place I expected to be losing size. It also isn’t helpful with my goal to get my stomach back firmly behind my boobs.

Waist =  43.5” 42.5″ I’m happy that this number is still shrinking. Running isn’t quite fun yet, so I really need a change in my numbers to keep me going. And this number is the most important to me, when it gets down to things.

Hips = 49”  49.5″  I was surpised by the inch loss last week, anyway. So I’m not going to get all up in arms about getting half of it back. Honestly, it could be a difference in what part of my butt I measured at, which is why I’ve been of the opinion that I’m only excited about a full inch, not part of one.

Thighs = 27″ and 27″  26″ and 26″ I’m actually a little excited to see this number go down. Again, it’s a hard spot to lose in. I’ve watched Biggest Loser. I’ve seen the girls on there with their shrinking chests and bellies and those big ol’ legs. This is awesome to me.

Biceps = 13.5″ and 14″ 14″ and 14.5″ I’m going to call this muscle. Because the other day, when I was brushing my teeth, I noticed that the little part under my arms that used to jiggle and swing around was standing firm. So I definitely did not gain fat in my arms. And let me tell you, running on the trail I run on, there are some real arm-busting hills that I’m pushing the stroller up.


Overall, I’m glad that I’ve been blogging my numbers. Because honestly, until I saw the change in the other numbers, I was very down about the weight gain. But I lost an inch in my chest, waist, and both legs. So those two pounds seem way less important.


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