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Since the last couple review books I got from BookSneeze didn’t start out so great, I didn’t think I’d have much trouble starting this one at bedtime. I figured I’d read a chapter, just to be started, and then I’d go to sleep. It was not to be. I started reading, got hooked in the first chapter and suddenly it was two hours later and I was only putting the book down because my children are fairly merciless about when we wake up in the morning. There is no sleeping in, no matter what I was doing until midnight the night before.

Fix by Force by Jason Warne is the story of Spencer Shane. Despite his best efforts at being “normal,” he seems to be repeating the life he was destined to lead: his father’s. Before his death, Spencer’s father managed to make a name for himself as the town drunk. And he just so happened to kill a woman as his final act. Spencer is, understandably, not too happy with the thought of following in those footsteps. But despite his best efforts, he keeps “messing up,” and eventually ends up expelled for having drugs at school. His uncle gets him into a school for expelled kids and then things get really interesting.

Not only do I think that this book would be a fast read, even for teens that don’t read, I think it has a lot to say. It deals with bullying, drugs, and the choices we make. Spencer spends most of the book feeling like choices are made for him. He doesn’t feel like he has any say in his life and that informs his behavior. Overall, I think it was spectacularly done. And my favorite part (though it threw me off at first), is the ending. For me, it was at the bottom of a page, so I tried to turn to the next page and then realized that was it. But based on things just a little bit earlier in the book, that was the perfect way to end it.

I found the whole book to be very raw, but beautiful. I learned way more than I ever wanted to know about steroids, but the thoughts of the character were the most important part of the whole thing. And they were so real and honest. I think this book will really speak to some kids and I would honestly recommend it to any kid with a drug, alcohol, eating disorder, or other self-image problem. Or to any kid who’s expelled for really any reason.

Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links. I don’t know if the BookSneeze link is an affiliate link or not. I received an ebook of Fix by Force in exchange for my honest review. All opinions about the book are mine, and not influenced by the free product.


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