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For the last year (at least), I have read every review I came across for We Choose Virtues. I entered every giveaway. I tried hard to find a little extra in the budget so I could buy some of their stuff. And I would spend hours on their website, reading product descriptions to try to figure out which item I should buy first. So, as you can imagine, I was over the moon when I was given the chance to receive some of the products to review.

They sent me the Virtues poster andVirtues flashcards. Then I went ahead and got the Virtues teaching cards. I’d already snagged the coloring book when it was offered free, and I made sure to get theiron-on t-shirt transfer files while those were free as well. Armed with these items, I began incorporating We Choose Virtues into our day with my daughter, and into my Sunday School class at church.

Elisebeth is only 4, so there were a few activities with the flashcards that we just couldn’t do, since she can’t read. The same went for the poster. It wasn’t a good reference material for her because she couldn’t read it. However, she quickly learned the stories that went with the virtues and we had a lot of good discussions. We talked about not just the scriptures listed on the teaching cards, but I also have a Child Training Bible and we were able to use that to quickly look up other scriptures on the same topic. While we still have issues with certain areas, she’s learning the vocabulary of virtues. And that’s the first step to learning how to live them out.

Things were a little different in my Sunday School class. I teach 3rd and 4th graders. We have an interesting situation though. My class consists of 3 children. One of them has divorced parents, so at most, he’s there every other week. One is adopted and doesn’t always get a ride to church because of the living situation there. And the third one just doesn’t always make it for Sunday School. So, in order to make sure that they all got to participate as much as possible, I decided to discuss each virtue for two weeks. The first week, we talked about the virtue, read the story, and colored that page out of the coloring book. Then the second week, we’d do an activity from the teaching card, discuss it a little more, and then play a flash card game.

It took a while for the kids to realize that the Virtues poster had all of the virtues on there with the catchphrases. When we played games, they didn’t realize they could use it as a reference until we’d done it a couple times. So the poster was an item I probably wouldn’t have bought (remember, my daughter is only 4), but was happy to have once the kids figured out how much information was really on there. The flashcards were awesome. Because we’re only doing one Virtue every two weeks, it means we’re getting through them very slowly. But I wanted a way to start to get the kids familiar with the virtues we hadn’t covered yet, too. The flashcards are perfect at this. First, we played a game where the cards were all laid out with the Virtue side up. I read catchphrases and they figured out which virtue went with it. The next time, we flipped them the other way and did it opposite. By the second game (even though only one of the kids was the same), they were guessing a lot less and actually figuring them out (not to mention using the poster to help them). A few more weeks of that and I think they’ll at least have an inkling of what all the virtues are, even if we haven’t gotten to them yet.

Other things that I found/made: Somewhere on Pinterest or Facebook I found someone with instructions for making your own scratch-off cards. I made a few different versions of a card that contained butterflies, magnifying glasses, and caterpillars (these are icons that We Choose Virtues uses) and turned them into scratch-offs. Whenever I “catch” the kids practicing the virtues we’ve studied, they get to scratch off a square and when they reveal 10 butterflies, I’ll make them a Virtue kid t-shirt using the iron-on pictures. Even the kid who is normally very apathetic about everything seemed interested in getting a t-shirt.


We Choose Virtues is letting me give away a Kids Virtues Poster. As I said above, I probably wouldn’t have bought one of these, because my daughter can’t read. But I am so glad they sent me one. So if you think you won’t use it, think again. Now that my kids have figured out how to use it, I’m coming up with new games that I could play with it to make it even more useful. Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below (which, by the way, how handy is Rafflecopter?!)

If you can’t wait to win one, or you want to get some of the other items, there are a few promo codes you can use right now (only one promo code per order).

START25 gives you 25% off kits valued at $99.00 and up. This is designed to be used by teachers who are bringing We Choose Virtues into their classrooms.

SHIPFREE for free shipping

VIRTUE15 for 15% off your cart

FLASH35 for 35% off a set of Virtue Flash Cards (I love these things so I totally recommend you use this one while it lasts).


Disclosure: I received items for free in exhange for my honest review. All of the opinions are my real opinions and were not affected by the free product. Also, I do have an affiliate account with We Choose Virtues, however, I’m not sure if the links within my post will trigger it. In order for me to make money off of orders made through this post, you would need to use the ad in my sidebar. I appreciate anyone who does that, but I’m not reviewing this item in an attempt to make money, so feel free to use the other links or to go directly to their page without using any of my links.

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