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#1 – We have a giveaway winner! I’ve already sent an email to the winner.


#2 – We had two things happen this week. A) We officially started Kindergarten (which means I had a cute little Teach Me Tuesday planned). B) Everyone in the house got sick. The kids didn’t seem much affected. Runny noses and crankiness and that’s about it. But my husband and I both have the same thing happen when we’re just getting started being sick. We get super tired. Ridiculously tired. How the heck are my eyes open right now tired. Which means that neither of us was really able to handle the kids alone for a full day. And that meant that neither one of us could really get the sleep our bodies were asking for and thus we are both much harder hit by the sickness. Basically, I didn’t get much done this week (though we did get Kindergarten accomplished, for the most part).


#3 – While looking up a first line that I loved greatly in order to enter it for a first line contest, I rediscovered my failed 2006 NaNovel. Now, this novel was only a failure in that I didn’t make it to 50,000 words. I have very little clue now as to why that was, since I had no kids and no job, so I could have written the whole darn 50k in the first week if I’d really applied myself. But I was spoiled, thus lazy, and I was lured away by the distraction of online roleplaying (I’ve learned to budget my roleplaying time much better these days). However, in rediscovering, I have a new desire to finish it. It won’t be 50,000 when it’s done, most likely. One of my demotivating factors was that the plot was progressing far too fast to reach such a large (ha!) number. But I’ll finish it. And when I do, I’m thinking I’ll figure out how to put it up on Facebook as a freebie for my Likers. At this point, I have no idea how to do that, but I know it’s do-able, and I’ve learned most things in my life on an as-needed basis. So I’m not worried about that part. First comes the finishing. But, for those who weren’t around in 2006, some stuff to entice you.

I can’t find the sweet little animated graphic that I used as a signature on the NaNoWriMo site back then. But the text was “5 Days, 4 Marks, 3 Million Dollars, 2 Assassins, 1 Love.” It was apparently cool enough that the ML was excited to meet me when I finally made it to the group gatherings the next year. I wish I knew where to find it (I’m sure it’s on the internet somewhere). However, I do still have pictures of my two main characters.

India is a freelance assassin with the ability to erase herself from the memory of those around her. She can also erase all physical traces of herself from a crime scene, and wipe out any trace of herself in technology (like security tapes). The government knows her as Forget Me Not, though, really, they can’t even prove she exists.

Arthur is a government science project. With enhanced strength and speed, he can pretty much take on a train and come out on top. Which makes him quite the force to be reckoned with. The government has dubbed him Slice, on account of his love of using knives.

And, for those who haven’t read any portion of it before, a teaser.

WARNING: While I generally do my best not to swear in my normal life, many of my characters do not have that same attitude. Keep in mind, this is a novel about people who kill for a living. I’m pretty sure they don’t do any major swearing, but it’s in there. And since it’s in this short sample, I figured I should warn everyone.



It really puts a damper on a relationship when your boyfriend starts trying to kill people in the living room. Especially when he does it all wrong.

“Shit! India, I shot him! Shit!”

India rolled her eyes.

“Michael, you missed all his vital organs, where exactly were you aiming?” She tossed her clothes into a duffelbag. She knew everything would fit. It had all fit several times before.

“I wasn’t aiming. I panicked.” Michael paced the room, grabbing his hair in frustration. “What am I going to do, India?” She turned to him and smiled.

“You’re going to forget me.” Her face began to glow and she laughed at the look of pure fright on his face.

“What the hell is going on? Why is your face glowing like that? India?” His voice neared panic until her mind gripped his. She searched it quickly, finding it just as malleable as it had always been. She surveyed the situation and swore.

“Michael, I’m afraid I have to kill you now.” Mechanically, she directed him into the living room to retrieve his gun. It was nice. She wished she could keep it. But it was tainted now. She continued to pack as Michael turned the gun on himself. She didn’t even flinch as the sound resounded through the small apartment. She finished her packing and headed for the door, giving the place a good mental wipedown. She had never existed here.


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