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I think I mentioned last week that I’ve been under a bit of stress. And while that stress has had an effect on my waistline (maybe; I still haven’t measured), it’s also had an effect in other areas. Like, for instance, meal planning. There’s a point where stress just makes things feel more overwhelming. Even simple things that are supposed to make like easier. And while I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of meal-planning, being stressed out has just made it feel like such a huge undertaking. Which is silly, because the homeschooling planner that I got this year (I really love it!) even has a spot each week for jotting out meal plans. At least for dinner. And really, we just do cereal for breakfast and quesadillas or sandwiches for lunch, so do I need to plan that? The planner also has shopping lists that are perforated for ease of taking with you if you’re not a weirdo like me and carry a backpack instead of a purse.

And yet.

I’ve at least gotten better at buying things at the store with half a mind to what’s in my cupboards, so I’m buying items that will work together to create meals. But there was one day last week where dinner time went something like this:

What should we have? Hamburger Helper is easy.

No, the only one we have left is a Chicken Helper that my husband says sounds disgusting (good thing it was free).

Maybe brinner?

Nope. Out of eggs.

Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs? The family loves that.

Oh yeah. We ran out of butter and we’re almost out of milk.

Elisebeth: I want spaghetti.

Please let there be another jar of Ragu in the cupboard.

Success! Spaghetti it is. We have meat and sauce and noodles, hurray!


That was pretty much verbatim. Though some of it was in my head instead of out loud. So, it’s pretty clear why I need to be making a menu plan. But somehow, knowing that I could be saving myself this headache has yet to get me back on the wagon. Here’s hoping that a new week will bring new inspiration to do something to make my life easier.


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