WLW: The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent   Leave a comment

I finally measured myself. Though, I have stayed far away from the evil Wii Fit and it’s scale. So no idea on the weight. But there is both bad news, and good news.

The Bad News

The stress did have a negative affect on my measurements. I expected as much, which is why I hadn’t measured myself. But I was eating more than I should (and worse than I should). And I haven’t worked out since I hurt myself (I forgot I already had plans last week so I missed the free fitness classes I’d learned about). Really, the bad news was expected.

The Good News

Not all of my measurements went up. I actually lost an inch in my hips, and my legs stayed the same. Only my waist and arms went up, and those not by much. It could have been much worse. I think it’s a testament to my attempts at changing my stress-behavior that I didn’t eat my way back up a pant size. I’ve been much more aware of when it’s a bad day sending me to the cupboard, rather than a growling stomach. And I think that’s really kept the damage to a minimum.

The Indifferent

I’m not going to post my measurements this week, mostly because I still haven’t worked out again. It might sound vain, but it’s really not. I just feel like, until I get back into action, the measurements don’t mean anything. I’m just sitting around spouting hot air and expecting the numbers to change. So until I’ve worked out, I don’t feel like a discussion of the positive or negative change in my numbers is very important. The numbers are a tool for me to gauge the effectiveness of what I’m doing. Currently, I’m doing nothing. Therefore, there is no effectiveness to judge.

I have no plans on this Thursday, and I’ll hopefully get to bed earlier on Friday so I can get up for the fitness class Saturday morning. It’s at 7am though, which is not really a time of day that I’m usually awake. So we’ll see. I should at least be able to manage the Thursday night class without killing myself. So we’ll call this a To Be Continued. . .


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