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1163242_65740280-682x1024I got so far ahead with all my review reading, I really thought I had something ready to go for last Friday. Apparently not. But it’s pretty much the end of birthday season around here (4 birthday parties and a baby shower in 2 weeks), so I should be getting my act back together. This Friday, I’ll be reviewing a writing book (a double whammy in the fiction-related category!). Then, I’m going to finish up reviewing a book I finished a couple weeks ago. And for Weight Loss Wednesday next week, I’m going to try to review a book I got free for the Kindle that has information on working out without a gym. I definitely need to find a reason to get my butt in gear after all the birthday cake in the last couple weeks. Reviewing a book will work for me. And I desperately need to get a Teach Me Tuesday post up. We’ve been doing school since July, because I want to have as much of December off as possible. So there’s plenty to talk about. And a dilemma that’s causing me quite a bit of mental anguish (even though I know it probably has a simple solution). And there’s going to be a product review in there somewhere. So basically, I’m going to be busy writing for the next few days. And it’s going to mean that I’ll hopefully get a little ahead and no one will even notice I’m gone while we move (which will probably be at the end of September).


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