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I watched Fireproof last night. And other than being a pretty good movie, it really made me want to do The Love Dare. The whole thing is about learning to love your spouse unconditionally and to learn how to do it so that they feel it. I know that sometimes I don’t show my husband how much I care in a way that he understands. And I know that sometimes I don’t feel like he cares, even though I know he does. We’re both totally stupid for each other. But people are different and they have different needs and wants and all that stuff. And I think it’s also a great way to pull closer to God. Which is another item on my list of goals, and the one I’m having absolutely the biggest trouble with. I’m definitely planning to hit the local LifeWay store this week and see about getting a copy of The Love Dare Book. Hopefully they’ll have one of the nice leatherbound ones. I don’t mind spending $30 on a book that I know I’ll use over and over again.

Because really, no matter how many times we learn to love, we always backslide into selfishness. It’s human nature.


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