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Mommy Monday: Falling Off   Leave a comment

I think I mentioned last week that I’ve been under a bit of stress. And while that stress has had an effect on my waistline (maybe; I still haven’t measured), it’s also had an effect in other areas. Like, for instance, meal planning. There’s a point where stress just makes things feel more overwhelming. Even simple things that are supposed to make like easier. And while I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of meal-planning, being stressed out has just made it feel like such a huge undertaking. Which is silly, because the homeschooling planner that I got this year (I really love it!) even has a spot each week for jotting out meal plans. At least for dinner. And really, we just do cereal for breakfast and quesadillas or sandwiches for lunch, so do I need to plan that? The planner also has shopping lists that are perforated for ease of taking with you if you’re not a weirdo like me and carry a backpack instead of a purse.

And yet.

I’ve at least gotten better at buying things at the store with half a mind to what’s in my cupboards, so I’m buying items that will work together to create meals. But there was one day last week where dinner time went something like this:

What should we have? Hamburger Helper is easy.

No, the only one we have left is a Chicken Helper that my husband says sounds disgusting (good thing it was free).

Maybe brinner?

Nope. Out of eggs.

Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs? The family loves that.

Oh yeah. We ran out of butter and we’re almost out of milk.

Elisebeth: I want spaghetti.

Please let there be another jar of Ragu in the cupboard.

Success! Spaghetti it is. We have meat and sauce and noodles, hurray!


That was pretty much verbatim. Though some of it was in my head instead of out loud. So, it’s pretty clear why I need to be making a menu plan. But somehow, knowing that I could be saving myself this headache has yet to get me back on the wagon. Here’s hoping that a new week will bring new inspiration to do something to make my life easier.


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Better Words Than I Had   Leave a comment

I actually read this weeks ago. And when I did, I immediately wanted to post it here, because I felt like she was speaking my heart. At that time, I actually had several weeks of Mommy Monday stuff planned though, so it got put off, and then I forgot. Until I was going through my email and saw it in there again. It’s a guest post from Joyful Mothering, and I think it’ll only take about one sentence to figure out why I wanted to link to the post.

Undefined – a guest post at Joyful Mothering

Shine – the blog of the guest poster

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Mommy Monday: God Calling   Leave a comment

Apparently, God thought my blog needed a new look. After an update, my theme no longer worked properly and since I like my header, rather than a bunch of error messages, I had to go looking for another. Hopefully, it works for people.

Moving on.

Our church’s annual meeting is at the end of August. Which means we’re gearing up for church council nominations and all that stuff. And my husband and I have been praying about a couple things since April. One of them, I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out because we’re feeling led to do something that someone else is already doing, and seems to be intent to continue doing. But the other is something that I know came from God, because I would never pick it. And I would never pick to quit being Church Clerk.

I like being Church Clerk. I like paperwork and making the bulletins and taking minutes. I enjoy that work. But apparently, that’s not what God has called me to. Instead, he put me in a position to go to the Heart of a Child conference in April, and that prepared me for taking on Children’s ministry. Even though I’m not really a fan of other people’s kids.

Somehow, even though I don’t really like children, God has given me a heart for showing them Jesus (and feeding them, but that’s a different post). He’s also given me an excitement for looking at children’s curricula. And a vision for the things we could do with our children’s ministry if we could get enough volunteers. So I’m nominating myself to be our Children’s director. And we’ll see how it goes. I’m always a little nervous to step out and follow God’s plan when I don’t know where it leads.

Mommy Monday: Adventures in Whole Chicken   Leave a comment

Buying a whole chicken is way less per pound than any other chicken you can buy. I’ve known this since I was 18 years old and selling Cutco knives. Logically, it’s the way to go when buying meat (or at least chicken). But since I didn’t grow up in a family that bought whole chickens, I didn’t quite know what to do with one. In the last year, though, I’ve been moving slowly in that direction.

1. Freezer Cooking: Reading about freezer cooking from several of the bloggers I follow showed me that you could boil or roast up a whole chicken and then shred it and put it in the freezer for later. The only problem: I didn’t have any recipes that involved shredded chicken. Whenever I made chicken, I would cook up a couple breasts and serve them that way.

2. Menu Planning: Reading about menu planning from several of the bloggers I follow showed me that just because I don’t currently use shredded chicken, doesn’t mean I can’t. All I have to do is figure out a meal that would use it and put it on my menu. That got me closer, but still no cigar. I just had some weird anxiety about it.

3. Chicken & Dumplings: When my sister-in-law was cooking up a meal for a crowd, she called on her good friend in order to find out her chicken & dumplings recipe. I was sitting there as she took down the recipe and asked questions and it looked fairly simple. Then when we ate it that night, it was also delicious. At that point, I finally felt comfortable attempting a whole chicken.

The original plan was to make chicken and dumplings, but I forgot that we always eat out with my father-in-law on Tuesdays. So we got back home from picking my husband up from work and the chicken in the crockpot  filled our house with a wonderful aroma, and then I mentally smacked myself in the forehead. We wouldn’t be eating chicken and dumplings that night. And since we wouldn’t be home for Wednesday night either, I was worried about putting it in the fridge, in case something came up and I didn’t get to it on Thursday. So, I pulled out a large container of broth, which I can use to cook rice and couscous or to make a much smaller batch of chicken & dumplings at a later time. Then, I pulled all the meat off the bone. Some of it got shredded, but mostly I just concentrated on making sure the bones were out of there. I put a big bag in the freezer and I made tentative plans to make chicken quesadillas on Thursday in order to use a smaller second bag of meat. The big bag in the freezer can be used for chicken & dumplings, more quesadillas, or to use in chicken helper, since some of it is in bigger chunks and should work perfectly. All in all, I’m proud of my first whole chicken experience.

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