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Teach Me Tuesday: Fingerpainting and RRSP   Leave a comment

When Carisa at 1+1+1=1 started blogging about an art program for her kids, two things happened.

1. I fell in love with the art program.

2. I realized that I don’t let Elisebeth spend nearly enough time doing arts and crafts.

So, in an effort to correct that, I’ve been making it a point to let her do things. One day it was fingerpainting. Nathan tried to eat the paint, naturally, but after deciding it was not delicious, he created a wonderful little picture. Elisebeth ended up making two pictures, both of which I think are good.

The next day, I tried playdough with Nathan. Again, he tried to eat it, but apparently he didn’t think it tasted so bad, so I had to take it away from him. Then the next day, I let Elisebeth play with playdough. And I am not exaggerating, she played with that stuff for three hours and still cried when it was time to put it up. The girl loves playdough.

I bought the Kindergarten DVD for the art curriculum and I look forward to collecting the remaining needed supplies so we can start it in September (when I officially start her Kindergarten).

On the topic of finishing up preschool, I bought printer paper, so we got back to RRSP. At the risk of showing how lax I’ve been in the last year or so, I took some pictures of us working on Ee. You can see what our board looks like (it’s bright green because for some reason that was cheaper than white). And after cutting out the bible verse to add it to our board, Elisebeth had a little cutting party. She’s gotten really good with the scissors, especially considering I didn’t let her do much of it for a while since she was so atrocious at it.

I will probably be starting Delightful Reading lessons with Elisebeth even before we finish RRSP. Despite the fact that she tells everyone she doesn’t know her letters when they ask her, she knows most of them. And she loves the easy readers in the RRSP program. So she’s already reading a handful of words, and that means I think she’s ready for a little more advanced reading curriculum. But we’ll see. I won’t start it until September, even if I do start it before finishing RRSP.





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