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You Are Worth More   Leave a comment

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but this has seriously been crawling around in my brain insisting on coming out. So here I am.

Over the last week or so, I have seen a certain movie trailer at least a half-dozen times. Probably a lot more than that. The whole movie looks like something I wouldn’t be interested in. It hasn’t hinted at any plot and looks like it’s basically just a thinly veiled excuse to spend a couple hours watching people get drunk and do stupid things. But that seems to be the trend these days, so whatever. That doesn’t so much bother me. But there’s a short exchange in the trailer that got my attention every time. It goes like this:

Boy 1: She’s cute, right?

Boy 2: Yeah, she’s cute, but she’s not my type.

Boy 1: What’s your type?

Boy 2: Girls that want to have sex with me.

Then both boys appear to laugh at what is supposedly a joke. The first time I saw the trailer, I rolled my eyes and the cynical part of my brain that grew up in the World said “Ugh. That is so young guys these days.” The second time I saw the trailer, something just didn’t sit right. And after 4 or 5 times, that part of the trailer actually made me a little angry. Because I realized what was being said, not just between those two characters, but to every young man and woman watching the movie:

Girls, you are only as attractive to a man as your willingness to have sex with him. Boys, you are only worth as much as your ability to get girls to have sex with you.

Well, I have something to say to all the young men and women who are going to see that movie and hear that message, and you’ll have to pardon my language a little, because I’m just not sure I could get it across any other way.

Dammit, you are worth so much more than sex.

Girls. You are not the sum of your parts. You are not a vagina and a pair of tits and some legs. You are not just a blond or a brunette or a redhead. You are intelligent. You have hopes and dreams and fears and weaknesses. You enjoy hobbies. You probably like certain books. You have a family that has shaped your life. You have a past that has made you who you are. And you deserve to have a man care about all of that. You deserve someone who will meet your family and listen to the stories of your life growing up. You deserve someone who will 1402028_45685628value and respect your intelligence and encourage you to pursue your hobbies. You deserve someone who will be interested in your hopes and fears. Who will work to make your hopes come true and protect you from your fears. You deserve more than sex. And any man who thinks you aren’t his type because you don’t want to immediately have sex with him, does not deserve your time.

Boys. You are not the sum of your parts. Your worth is not measured by your penis or how it looks or how many women it’s been with. You are not measured by your likelihood to become an underwear model. You are intelligent. You have hopes and dreams and fears and weaknesses. You enjoy hobbies. You probably like certain books. You have a family that has shaped your life. You have a past that has made you who you are. And you deserve to have a woman care about all of that. You deserve someone who will meet your family and listen to the stories of your life growing up. You deserve someone who will value and respect your intelligence and encourage you to pursue your hobbies. You deserve someone who will hear your fears and weaknesses and not think less of you for them. You deserve someone who will hear your hopes and dreams and inspire you to achieve them. You deserve more than sex. And anyone who tells you that you aren’t a man because you haven’t had sex with enough women is leading you astray. You are worth more than the notches on your bedpost. Manhood is less about sex and more about taking responsibility for your actions.

I know that millions of young people across the country will see that movie. And they will hear those lines. And many of them will laugh. But it is far from funny. It is wrong. It sends a message that devalues every person that believes it. There is more to life than sex (and drinking). And you deserve to have all of it.


P. S. I know that there are those who will dismiss everything I just said at the mention of Jesus, so I’m putting this down here. But in my life, I have never found anyone who could give me all those things I deserve. I love my husband and he loves me, but neither of us are perfect. Jesus Christ was. And He knows you, down to every cell in your body. And He loves you more than any person will ever be capable of. If you don’t know Christ as your Savior and Lord, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have or discuss it further. But if you don’t want to drag Jesus into the discussion, still know that you are worth everything I said and more.


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Come With Me Down the Rabbit Hole   Leave a comment

My husband was playing Fallout: New Vegas a few weeks back and asked me to look something up for him. In the game, there is a park with large dinosaurs that reminded him of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. So he wondered if that part of the movie was in Vegas. It wasn’t, but the time spent on Wikipedia led me to new knowledge. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was Tim Burton’s first feature length film. Now, in hindsight, it totally makes sense as a Tim Burton film. His stuff has a certain flavor to it that was definitely not missing in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. But I’d never realized before that it was one of his.

Fast forward to this past Friday. I mentioned this knowledge to my brother. He was also surprised by the information. And by the subsequent information that Paul Reubens had a cameo in one of the Batman movies that Burton directed. This led to a discussion of the way Tim Burton seems to put the same people in his movies. And then we looked it up.

Tim Burton has directed 14 feature length films. Johnny Depp has been in 7 of them. I hypothesize that he would have been in 8, but he was working on Pirates of the Caribbean when Burton was doing Big Fish (and the windfall goes to Ewen MacGregor). Helena Bonham-Carter has been in 6 Tim Burton films.

All of this proves two things. One, it’s good to be friends with Tim Burton. And two, weird things interest me and spur me to research. This information will never be useful to me (I suspect), but yet, I spent at least a half hour browsing IMDB and discussing it all with my brother.

Life is a Movie (Crash)   1 comment

After having it recommended to me multiple times, I finally got around to watching Crash. Now, before there’s any confusion, I’m talking about the Crash with Sandra Bullock in it, not Holly Hunter. Apparently the Holly Hunter movie is about sex and car crashes and that doesn’t really sound all that entertaining to me. But the Sandra Bullock version was a truly excellent movie. It was one of those movies that you have to watch more than once because you don’t realize what’s important the first time through. It was absolutely brilliant and beautifully put-together.

Basically, the movie is about the connections between people that we don’t even realize are there. How meeting someone for one minute can change your life and that person won’t even know. And things that we don’t realize are important in our own lives can grow to have significance over time.

For example, there’s a cop who’s having a bad night. He pulls over a black couple and is basically just being a general racist douchebag. But the wife starts getting angry and yelling at him and it pisses him off, so he ends up dragging her out of the car and “frisking” her in front of her husband. For him, it’s just one random couple that he uses to let off a little steam. It’s a jerk move, but he doesn’t think much more of it. But it leads to so many other things in the movie that there’s no possible way for him to even know about. Because while it was nothing to him, it was very much something to them. And to his partner.

This movie was one of those that I find myself thinking about several days later. And it also helped me to make a connection in my mind that I might have made eventually, but probably not in the same way. The movie is very much true. Not the story, necessarily, but the way that things are connected without us ever realizing.

My brother hurt his back at work. When that happened, he suddenly had a lot of freedom in his schedule, and when the workers comp people stopped approving his physical therapy, he took a week and went on a trip to Texas to visit an old friend. He was down there for a week. Then, he was home for two weeks before he met her in a small place in Oklahoma and they got married. When I tell it this way, it’s a little bit clear that getting married was connected to hurting his back. If he’d never gone to visit her, would they have gotten married? I don’t know. But he wouldn’t have gone to visit her if not for hurting his back. So in that way, the events are connected. And while he’s still having issues with workers comp a year later and had to get a lawyer just to be able to get treatment, he’s also still married. So in that way, hurting his back was a good thing for him. I’m not sure I’d say that to him, since it’s fairly wrecked his finances. But his life would not be anything close to what it is now, if not for that.

In high school, my brother and I were late to school one day. And yes, it was rare enough that it was noteworthy. We were usually there far earlier than we needed to be. On this particular day that we were late, there was a fight before classes started. And it took most of the day to find out what had happened. When we finally did find out, we were pretty upset because some of our friends were hurt. Badly. And my brother was upset because he knew one or two of the guys that started things off. So he was pretty convinced that he could have stopped it. But basically one group jumped another group and the group that was jumped ended up with several people in the hospital and even more gone home for lesser injuries (and a couple guys got sick from the sight of blood). Yes, high school is brutal. But the point of this story is not the fight (not really). The point is that I was so upset over one of the people who’d been hurt in the fight. More upset than I expected. And that was when I realized how much I liked that specific individual. I then began my lame attempts at flirting (is anyone good at that in high school) and if you fast forward 11 years, we’re getting ready to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. All because that fight made me examine how I felt about him.

It’s just another way that things develop significance over time. What could have just been a story about a heinous fight in high school, is actually the beginning of a love story.

Funny People   1 comment

I won free tickets to go see Funny People, and since I don’t have a job currently, this will probably be the last movie we see in the theater for a while. It was a good movie, though I think my hubby would have preferred GI Joe to be our last in-theater movie, since I know he really wants to see it. I really want to see District 9, so I suppose we’re even in the “Want but can’t have” column.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed Funny People, though the commercials are misleading. We noticed at least two parts that were in the previews and not in the actual movie. So that’s not really a good sign that they had to include deleted scenes in the previews in order to make them funny. Not that the movie was never funny. There were definitely funny parts. But overall, it was sort of a sad movie.

About a half hour in, an older couple that was sitting in front of us, got up and left. I don’t know exactly why, but if I had to guess, I’d go for the language. Though I was prepared for it. I mean, we’re talking about the same people that did The 40-Year Old Virgin and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Both movies that I enjoyed, but found the frequency of the f-word to be a little much. Then again, that’s about how my brother talks. So it’s not like the movies are unrealistic with the language. On the bright side, no penis in this one, which I was actually pleased with. There were a few times when we thought maybe it was coming, since that seems to be movie makers’ favorite thing right now. But nope. And only one set of breasts, from the side. So all in all, much less raunchy than most comedies like that have been lately.

Even though it’s called Funny People, it’s definitely not a gutbuster. I almost cried. Twice. So the previews are definitely misleading. But it’s still a really good movie. So I think people should go see it. Misleading or not.

Though, that’s the second or third movie in the last year that has had really misleading previews. So what’s up with that?

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Terminator: Salvation and The Hangover   Leave a comment

First, I am officially too old to stay out late on a work night. I was so dead all day today and I had a lot of trouble focusing on pretty much anything. Moving on.

My husband and I had planned on a date night. We were going to get his mom to babysit (she rarely rarely says no), go out to dinner and then go to see a movie. We’d seen the previews for  The Hangover a few times and he’d mentioned he wanted to go. So when I saw a contest on Twitter that was run by the local news station, I jumped at the chance to win tickets to go see it. And I won. But the tickets were for a midnight showing. So that created somewhat of a dilemma. Basically, nothing happens in Topeka between 9pm and midnight. So what were we going to do between our dinner and the midnight movie? The answer: see another movie. So, we ended up seeing Terminator: Salvation, then walking down the hall to see The Hangover.

For the most part, we liked Terminator. It definitely made me forget that the crappy third movie ever happened. It was completely unnecessary, really. I felt like Salvation was more in keeping with the theme and feel of the first two movies. So it would have been a better third movie than the actual third movie was. My husband was particularly bothered by how white everyone’s teeth were. These people were rebels living in hidey holes and scavenging for everything they had. When the hell were they getting their teeth whitened? Other than that, there was a scene with a helicopter flying away from a nuclear explosion, which was unrealistic enough to make me furrow my brow, wondering why the EMP blast didn’t send them hurtling toward the ground. But really, by that point, I’d enjoyed the rest of the movie enough that I let it slide. I do that when I’m enjoying something. I figure everyone might put in that one totally unrealistic thing so that things come out all right for the good guys.

Moving on to The Hangover. Do not let your kids see it. When they say it’s Rated R, they mean it. And let me just say, the previews are edited. Other than that, it was hilarious. Going into it, I was trying not to get my hopes up. There’s Something About Mary and Very Bad Things both looked funny in previews but made me sick to watch. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie had more in common with Dude, Where’s My Car and The 40 Year Old Virgin than Very Bad Things. Though, I am somewhat confused by the recent penis trend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been waiting for guys to get exposure in movies for a long time. I always thought it was unfair that women’s breasts were a common occurence in a Rated R movie, but God forbid a guy ever show his parts. I just find it interesting that in the last year or so, I’ve seen an growning number of penises (penii?) in movies. It started with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then Watchmen, and now this. Though, I will say that the penis shots in this movie were less blatant, and less “I’m sticking a penis here for shock value.” So it wasn’t a big deal, but worth mentioning for the people that are totally grossed out by the penis-in-movie trend. Other than that, I thought it was totally a guy movie. As in, it was totally what I think could possibly happen if my husband went to Vegas with my brothers and their friend. I rarely stopped laughing. And considering it was my second movie of the evening and didn’t even start until after my bedtime (when I get cranky), that’s pretty good.

Moving on from the movie topics, for anyone who was interested in my Wii Fit stuff. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and weighed a full 20 lbs less on their scale. So I may actually get back on my Wii Fit this week. I’m wondering if I need to set it on the board and maybe my carpet is messing up the measurements. I’ll try it and see. Plus, I’m getting ready to start medication, so hopefully that will help and I’ll actually lose some weight. I’d like to lose my Mommy Gut.

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My Thoughts on Watchmen   Leave a comment

DISCLAIMER: If you have not seen Wanted, and plan to, you might just skip this.

I am a character person. I can put up with a lot of things, just because that’s how a character is. Like some of my characters who use way more swear words than I’m completely comfortable with. Or characters with weird fetishes or whatever.

As a character person, my favorite scene in Wanted was the scene where Angelina Jolie’s character died. Because it was a point in the plot, where the writers had a choice. She could do what her character would do (and conveniently get the MC out of a pickle), or she could preserve herself. And the fact that she killed everyone in that circle, including herself, made that a great movie. For me. It was what she had to do.

So, understanding that about me, understand that I can handle that Dr. Manhattan runs around all naked throughout Watchmen. It’s because of his increasing detachment from the world. He just doesn’t live up to our standards. He isn’t bound by a moral code that says, “Hey, put some damn pants on.” So I get that. But seriously, after a while, the full-frontal male nudity gets uncomfortable.  And really, after showing us that he runs around naked once or twice, all the shots could have been done from the waist up and we’d still know.

We stopped at a gas station on our way home and the clerk asked how the movie was. My response was “It’s good if you can sit through it.”

“So, it’s not good?” he asked.

But the thing is, it was good. At the end of the movie, I liked it. I thought it was thought-provoking and it had something to say and it left me thinking about the movie long after we’d left the theater. But at least half a dozen people walked out of the theater. And there were only about 30-40 people in there to begin with. And I think the reason is partly the male full-frontal that at one point just gets a little ridiculous.

And the fact that the previews make it seem more X-Men than Sin City and it is definitely more like the latter. The characters pretty much just happen to be superheroes. So if you’re looking for a big action flick where the good guys are really good and the bad guys are really bad, this is sooooo not your movie. No matter what it looks like on TV.

But I really did like it.

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