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FireworksNo longer will visitors to see a “Coming Soon” message from GoDaddy. I have figured out how to get a website put up there. So now, they’ll see something fairly similar to what we have here. And that means that I’m done with all the absolutely basic “Putting it up” stuff. My well-trusted friend told me my site is plain, so there’s plenty of tweaking that can be done. But it’s there. And that’s way more than half the battle. And that means that now, I can present to you this week’s goals.

1. Type up the half-dozen blog posts I’ve handwritten and get them scheduled.

2. Write at least 3 more posts for the days after the ones I’ve already written.

3. Finish reading the book I’m supposed to review (last November).

4. Bask in a job well done, since this may be my only chance to bask for a while. Now that the “setting up” is done, that means the “consistent writing” work will begin.



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So, the blog is moved. And I’ve fixed the background (well enough, for now). So now, all I have to do is move the other pages from my website, over to the new domain. I’m hoping that I can work on that and still get some posts going up here. My goal next week is at least one post. I’d like to get three of them up. I’ve been writing like crazy, so I probably have six of them that I just need to type up, find a picture for and get set up. So we’ll see how productive my weekend is.

Other things I’ve been working on:

*One of my goals for the new year is to start getting up at 7am and writing before the kids get up. So far, out of 12 days in the year, I’ve gotten up I think three of them. 25% success rate. I’m working on it.

*I’m the VBS Director at my church! This is super-exciting to me because I love VBS and it’s one of our biggest outreaches at the church. We host our VBS during Spring Break when most parents have to scramble for child care or leave their kids home alone. We have people at the church from 6 or 7 am until 6 or so in the evening so parents don’t have to worry about what their kids are doing during the break. This year, Spring Break is March 19-23, so I’m getting started recruiting volunteers and working on promotion stuff. This is the part I really love (I’m a little wishy-washy when it comes to enjoying other people’s kids).

*This Sunday, I start a new Sunday School class at our church. I’m going to be teaching 3rd and 4th graders, which will be super nice. Before now, we had K-3 and 4-6 as our split, but the gap in learning levels is pretty big there. So I’m popping into the middle to help out with that. And I”m super excited about the curriculum. It’s one that I’ve wished I could afford to buy for my home because their materials are just awesome. (This is not an affiliate link.)

*Memorization! One of the blogs that I follow (and I’ll try to figure out which one, but they all come to my email so I sort of read them without taking the time to separate them mentally) is participating, with her church, in an attempt at memorizing the book of Colossians. They have materials that you can download and print out if you want to try it too. If you’re interested, drop a line in the comments and I’ll track down the link for you.

*Getting back on the FlyLady bandwagon. I’m going back through the Baby Steps (and not allowing myself to skip any this time) while also going slowly through 31 Days to Clean. There’s a group on Facebook that is stretching 31 Days to Clean over 3 months. So I’m hoping that’ll make it so I can keep up. (Also not an affiliate link.)

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I got the hosting set up. I got the domain set up. I got WordPress installed. I got the old site exported and then imported. So everything is here. As long as everything doesn’t include the theme that I was using and the header that I absolutely loved. Or even the font that I had. So really, when I say everything is here, I just mean all my old posts.

But bear with me. I will be getting all the colors and things back the way I like them very soon. There are only so many hours in a day though, and I’ve been writing up a storm, along with trying to work on some non-blog-related goals. So it might take until the end of next week. In the meantime, enjoy the header that seems to be rotating through multiple pictures (or I have a really terrible memory from one hour to the next) and the white everywhere. I’ll be fixing it soon.

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I just did a little bit of updating on my site. Mostly to put up the rest of the video links now that the Mansion series is complete (sort of). I also added some info about the ABNA, which I went insane and entered even though I only found out about it 3 days before the deadline.

Deadlines are good for me. I can get a little freaked out and psychotic, but I get things done. And while, I hadn’t been intending to do anything publishy (like the new word?) with The Mansion this year, the opportunity to do something that might have that result was too good to pass up. And even if I don’t get far in the competition, I still learned about the things I’ll have to work on for when I’m ready to start submitting that puppy. Like my hook. And my synopsis. All that stuff that I’ve put off for way too long, but I need to start thinking about it.

But anyway, now that I’ve entered and the deadline has passed, I’m going to be back to writing. I actually was doing really well on my writing goal last week until I found out about the contest. I was over halfway to my goal at the end of the day Tuesday.  So I’ve been feeling good this week, mostly. I worked out like I wanted to and I wrote like I wanted to and I entered this contest that is a total crapshoot, but at this point, there’s hope. Not a lot, since there are up to 10,000 people competing with me for one book contract. But a little hope. And really, I think that’s probably the best part about any contest. Even if the odds are incredibly against you, there’s always that little chance that you’ll win the big prize. And how awesome would that be?

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