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My sister was inspired by the show The Buried Life and has been encouraging everyone to make their own lists. So here’s mine.

The Rules:

For everything I complete on this list, I have to put $10 in a bank account.

100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Get a novel published.

2. Inspire someone else to write.

3. Meet Piers Anthony.

4. Own a signed copy of On a Pale Horse.

5. Own my own home.

6. Watch my daughter graduate from college.

7. Sew my own Renfest costume.

8. Speak to children about sexual abuse.

9. Write a will.

10. Be totally debt-free for one year.

11. Go to New York City.

12. Win a contest (based on skill, not luck).

13. Get a degree.

14. Talk on the radio. (It was a podcast, but I think it counts.)

15. Stand somewhere with a ‘free hugs’ sign.

16. Own an ebook reader.

17. Pay for a stranger’s groceries.

18. Learn to speak Spanish.

19. Learn Photoshop.

20. Make my own book trailer.

21. Read Pride and Prejudice.

22. Read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

23. Read a classic novel every year.

24. Pay my grandparents the $1100 I owe them.

25. Pay my brother the $1000 I owe him.

26. Visit a foreign country.

27. Visit the Anne Frank House in Germany.

28. Buy a new (to me) car with cash (less than two years old).

To be continued. . .


Posted February 16, 2010 by Maidenfine

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