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We moved into our new home almost a year ago. When we did that, we made a change in our lifestyle that I’d been trying to initiate for a long time before that. We started eating at the table together.

This was a particularly difficult change to make in our old place because of how things were set up and because we didn’t use the kitchen table for so long, it became a place to set things down. A clutter hot spot of massive proportions. And no matter how often I attempted to clear it so that we could eat there, I never cleared enough space. Until we moved and I was able to take everything off of it, throw half of it away, and find new homes for the rest. Thus, for the last year, we’ve been sitting down to family dinners at the table. With the TV off, and usually no phones.

Sunday night, we reached what I consider to be the payoff. We had just finished praying and were enjoying a little conversation about Jesus while we ate our pizza. We were talking about how God took Jesus up to Heaven. Then Elisebeth stated that Jesus lives in our hearts. It was a proud moment, but it only lasted a moment, because it was followed by an impromptu Yo Gabba Gabba moment.

“And in our tummy, yummy, yummy.”

Needless to say, my husband and I laughed our heads off at that. I almost choked on my milk, and I don’t even remember if we corrected her. I think my husband did, since I was busy coughing and couldn’t talk.

Not much later, Nathan discovered comedy. He was looking to either side of his high chair (I think maybe looking for the cat) and we laughed. Then he began whipping his head from side to side in order to make us laugh, over and over again.

And as we were all laughing and eating together, I just thought, “These are the moments that eating at the dinner table was made for.”

We have a lot of frustrating moments at dinner, too. But the amazing moments of family togetherness are worth so much more., it’s hard to remember the bad times.


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