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I just did a little bit of updating on my site. Mostly to put up the rest of the video links now that the Mansion series is complete (sort of). I also added some info about the ABNA, which I went insane and entered even though I only found out about it 3 days before the deadline.

Deadlines are good for me. I can get a little freaked out and psychotic, but I get things done. And while, I hadn’t been intending to do anything publishy (like the new word?) with The Mansion this year, the opportunity to do something that might have that result was too good to pass up. And even if I don’t get far in the competition, I still learned about the things I’ll have to work on for when I’m ready to start submitting that puppy. Like my hook. And my synopsis. All that stuff that I’ve put off for way too long, but I need to start thinking about it.

But anyway, now that I’ve entered and the deadline has passed, I’m going to be back to writing. I actually was doing really well on my writing goal last week until I found out about the contest. I was over halfway to my goal at the end of the day Tuesday.  So I’ve been feeling good this week, mostly. I worked out like I wanted to and I wrote like I wanted to and I entered this contest that is a total crapshoot, but at this point, there’s hope. Not a lot, since there are up to 10,000 people competing with me for one book contract. But a little hope. And really, I think that’s probably the best part about any contest. Even if the odds are incredibly against you, there’s always that little chance that you’ll win the big prize. And how awesome would that be?


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