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FireworksNo longer will visitors to see a “Coming Soon” message from GoDaddy. I have figured out how to get a website put up there. So now, they’ll see something fairly similar to what we have here. And that means that I’m done with all the absolutely basic “Putting it up” stuff. My well-trusted friend told me my site is plain, so there’s plenty of tweaking that can be done. But it’s there. And that’s way more than half the battle. And that means that now, I can present to you this week’s goals.

1. Type up the half-dozen blog posts I’ve handwritten and get them scheduled.

2. Write at least 3 more posts for the days after the ones I’ve already written.

3. Finish reading the book I’m supposed to review (last November).

4. Bask in a job well done, since this may be my only chance to bask for a while. Now that the “setting up” is done, that means the “consistent writing” work will begin.



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My JOB is killing my brain.   3 comments

I wish I had the control to just convince people to stop making insurance claims for a week or two. All the 50 files a day that I was opening at the beginning of the month, I’m now closing. And since each file takes about 15 minutes to close (as opposed to 2 minutes to open), my brain is pretty thoroughly fried at the end of the day. And I hate leaving work undone. So that’s bugging me too. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had more reliable help. But my sister has logged up a grand total of two and a half hours in the last two and a half weeks. And I’m never sure if she’s doing things right or, like with the billing issues I found last week, creating more problems for me to fix. And with all this work, I can’t troll around on Twitter, or post in my blog, or even get up the energy to write at all. Though I have characters rattling around in my head getting impatient. With all the foot-tapping and sighing, it’s a wonder I can think at all.

Times like this, I really miss being a housewife. Not that I was particularly good at that job, but at least I had time to write. And at least I got sleep. I seem to start out okay on Mondays, but by Friday I’m so exhausted I barely even make it to the weekly game night before I pass out. Which isn’t frustrating at all to my husband, really. He only has to fight to keep me engaged in the game while I wander off to pass out on my brother’s couch. Or well, I try to pass out. As soon as I lay down, I’m usually swarmed by my daughter and the other little girl that comes to game night. Apparently, a sleepy Deb makes a great jungle gym. Who knew?

I think I need a vacation. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though. We’re too busy for me to go on vacation. But I will get a nice bonus because of how much we’re billing out this month. So maybe that’s a silver lining. I’m turning into a zombie for a little extra cash.

On another note, I think I’m going to completely redo my website this weekend. Assuming nothing comes up (and it usually does). I want to try a different layout so I can have some of the fun sidebar widgets and I figure if I’m revamping things, I might as well revamp the whole damn site. I read a thing somewhere (no brain power to figure it out) about how to create an effective site for a writer. So I’m going to try to take some of that into account when I rearrange. It’s overdue anyway.

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Websites, NaNoEdMo, and a Visitor   1 comment

Considering I have had my website for 3-4 years now, it strikes me as odd that I have gotten the following response multiple times in the last month: “You have a website?” When talking to people close to me about the changes I’ve been making to my website, that’s been their response. My mother, my sister, and my best friend all three said this to me. Which means either they haven’t been paying attention (the URL is in my email signature), or I haven’t been talking about it before now. I’m guessing it’s a combination of both. Though I’m pretty sure my grandparents knew I had a website. But then, they’ve actually read my novel and my mother and sister haven’t. Oh well. I suppose I’ll just have to be more vocal about my website. I should make up some business cards when I have some time.

In other news, it’s NaNoEdMo. I’ve wanted to participate in this for the last few years but always kept missing it when it came around. This year, I actually had been editing on the first, so when I found out it was EdMo time on the second, I punched my brain a few times until it told me how many hours I’d logged (it helps to rough it up every once in a while, I swear). So I’m sitting at a lovely little 4 hours, which would have been more, but I accidentally left my flash drive at work. Go me.

On the topic of finding out about NaNoEdMo, I remembered it when I went to Day #2 of JA Konrath’s blog tour. I’m excited about his blog tour for several reasons. 1. I just think it’s a cool idea and I was supposed to have a touring author stop here after NaNoWriMo 2007, but the people never got around to contacting me with details. So whatever. I just like the idea of blog tours. 2) He’s coming here! I don’t have a specific date yet, and I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to ask him to write about (I’m thinking on it really hard, though). But he’s coming to visit my blog sometime this month.

I also just updated my site with some info about the project that I’m currently editing like a fiend for NaNoEdMo.

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I just did a little bit of updating on my site. Mostly to put up the rest of the video links now that the Mansion series is complete (sort of). I also added some info about the ABNA, which I went insane and entered even though I only found out about it 3 days before the deadline.

Deadlines are good for me. I can get a little freaked out and psychotic, but I get things done. And while, I hadn’t been intending to do anything publishy (like the new word?) with The Mansion this year, the opportunity to do something that might have that result was too good to pass up. And even if I don’t get far in the competition, I still learned about the things I’ll have to work on for when I’m ready to start submitting that puppy. Like my hook. And my synopsis. All that stuff that I’ve put off for way too long, but I need to start thinking about it.

But anyway, now that I’ve entered and the deadline has passed, I’m going to be back to writing. I actually was doing really well on my writing goal last week until I found out about the contest. I was over halfway to my goal at the end of the day Tuesday.  So I’ve been feeling good this week, mostly. I worked out like I wanted to and I wrote like I wanted to and I entered this contest that is a total crapshoot, but at this point, there’s hope. Not a lot, since there are up to 10,000 people competing with me for one book contract. But a little hope. And really, I think that’s probably the best part about any contest. Even if the odds are incredibly against you, there’s always that little chance that you’ll win the big prize. And how awesome would that be?

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